Importance of Youtube thumbnails for SEO

Hello guys, welcome to Youtube thumbnail download. Here you can download youtube thumbnails easily by putting link on search box and a simple click on Download youtube thumbnails button can give you high quality results of desired thumbnail image.

In this article we will learn how to increase more clicks on your videos through a good thumbnail, why thumbnails are important and how to make a perfect thumbnail which gives better Seo. But first we will start with the importance of thumbnail.


Importance of a Youtube thumbnail

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Thumbnails are like a cover of book. Whenever we go to library or a book fair we choose books through it’s cover. Cover tells a lot about what’s inside book. Same way a thumbnail functions for youtube videos. Thumbnail is a cover page and video is a book. Thumbnail have to express the essence of a video. Videos are generally longer and no one clicks a video unless there’s an eye-catching thumbnail or amazing title.

Thumbnail image should be so simple but give complex information at same time. Image size for youtube thumbnail should be exact 1280×720 pixels and size must not be larger than 2 MB. If you have seen most watched youtube videos (non-music category) then you can find that they have unique and attractive thumbnails. These thumbnails like an identity card of a video. It express whether the video is funny or serious, action or romance.

Some youtubers also use click baits on thumbnail to attack more clicks but it can be harmful for your channel in long term as viewers will understand your repetitive strategy and this might become harmful for your youtube channel.

You can also put automatically generated thumbnail on youtube which was fine 7-8 years ago as there was less competition on youtube. But now there are millions of Youtube channel and all are giving similar information. Ranking higher is not easy, that’s where SEO comes. Thumbnails is one of the major factor that drives Seo of Youtube. Make your own youtube thumbnails which will express the content in video as well as attract viewers to click on your video out of curiosity.


What are the purpose of Youtube thumbnails?

The main purpose of thumbnails is to give information about video in short and the information should be attractive that can generate higher amount of clicks.

Thumbnails are the first impression of any video. It should increase the interest of viewers. You want to share effective information then show that on thumbnails. Most of the viewers don’t read the titles of video as they are smaller while thumbnails are very distinct as it have colours and designed alphabets which captivates the vision of a viewer.

Ever fell for a click bait? Me too. This happens quite often even if we know it’s a click bait still we click on it. The reason behind this is human’s psychology. We are wired in such a way that if someone is hidden or someone is hiding something we will have the urge to know it. And when that urge can be fulfilled with one click then who won’t watch that video even though it’s click bait.

A click bait is an easy trick to get views but it won’t convert viewers into followers. To make followers who care about your content you have to be true to your viewers and create a creative thumbnails which will make viewers curious but information inside it should provide the answer to thumbnail. That’s how a random viewer can become a lifetime followers with organic Seo.

How an attractive thumbnail can increase views?Youtube thumbnail download


Attractive thumbnail doesn’t means a click bait. It should make the viewers curious but provide correct information inside the video.

There are many types of thumbnails : illustrative thumbnails, photoshopped thumbnail, shocking or reaction thumbnail, funny or odd thumbnail and simple thumbnail. All are different and they can be used depends on the content and information shared by the youtuber.

Suppose you’re sharing a vlog on youtube. The video is entertaining but how a Random person who is scrolling youtube content will stumble upon your video? Only way to attract a fly is honey with same strategy prepare your honey “thumbnail”. If it’s a vlog then thumbnail should be some kind of reaction like shocking, sad or happy, etc. Add emojis and write what’s inside blog in such a way that it attract viewers.

If your video is educational or informative then using Illustrator or photoshopped image for thumbnail will be better idea. Every kind of video have a specific type of thumbnail. Share the most interesting part of the video on thumbnail. Your thumbnail is an identity card of your video, it should represent video and look nice at same time. These are all the factors behind better seo on attractive thumbnails.

How to create a perfect thumbnail? 

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A perfect thumbnail must have attractive colours, expressive face, readable fonts and an emoji or illustration. Make your thumbnail with these tricks to increase clicks on your video 100%. To make such amazing thumbnail use canva for mobile users and those who have pc should use canva for PC or Photoshop. Let’s start with basic needs for a perfect thumbnail!

Attractive colours

What are attractive colours? Which one should I use? These are some basic question which I’m going to reveal the secret behind the colour code.

There are 6 most used colour by pro youtubers which attracts the viewers. Yellow, blue, red, green and B/W are those colour which have a deep psychology behind it’s usage.

Use of yellow colour brings positivity and energy; Blue is used to gain trust, look cool and inspirational; red is used to show anger, danger or courage; green is for freshness; black for power, boldness and white for purity, simplicity and innocence. Every color depicts a lot about the image. That’s why choosing color which matches the information can convert a random viewer to a subscriber.


An expression on face (Sad, anger, frustrated, shocked,etc) can tell a lot about what’s happening with that person and that brings a curiosity to know the reason behind it. Suppose you see someone angry or sad what will be the first thought? The reason. The curiosity is the key to get higher clicks on youtube or any other platform. If you can’t make your people curious through thumbnail then it’ll be hard for you to grow your channel. Using expressive faces or edit face to any expression can make your seo better.


One of the most interesting but less appreciated thing is fonts. New youtubers use unfit and silly fonts which either makes thumbnail fancy or idiotic. But from now you can use fonts perfectly just follow these rules.

Every font is unique in nature. Fonts have personality which carries a purpose and a certain type of font can be used at certain places only.

There are mainly 4 types of fonts : Serif, Sans Serif, Script and Display.

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Serif fonts : if you want to make your thumbnail look serious, classy or luxurious the use serif fonts. (example :- advertisements)

Sans serif : these types of fonts don’t carry any emotion. They are used to tell info without expressing much. It can be used as a fillers on thumbnail.

Script : these are design fonts which should not be used for thumbnails unless it carries cute or feminine vibes. It can be used to express love, softness, beauty, etc.

Display or decorative : display fonts are one of the most used fonts in thumbnails. These are artistic form of alphabets which can be used to make thumbnail look rough with energy or speed.

Emoji or Illustration

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Emojis are obviously funny and carry lots of emotions with them. In Daily conversation on social media or chatting we use emojis to express our emotions. Same way express emotions of videos on thumbnail with emoji. You can also put a png file or an illustration to give your thumbnail a pro look.


Better SEO with eye-catching Thumbnail can be made easily with the tips I have given above. But creative thinking is very important aspect of making a seo friendly thumbnails for youtube. Thumbnails generate more traffic to videos compared to other alternatives. Youtube thumbnail downloader can help you in downloading others thumbnail to edit it or take inspiration from it to make your own and better seo friendly youtube thumbnail.

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