How to get the best CTR in Youtube thumbnails

There are many ways to increase CTR of a youtube video but thumbnails acts as a soul of youtube videos. First impression is last impression is a quote which you must have have you must have heard atleast once in your life. Same way  thumbnail is the first impression of a video.

A thumbnail shares the information, story and emotions to the viewers regarding the video. It’s effectiveness can only be judged by an individual only. There are many types of thumbnails but highest ctr with less followers can be received on a click bait thumbnail.

What is a click Bait thumbnail? 

A click bait is just like a faint punch in boxing which is thrown to capture opponent’s focus and use thier weakness for own benefit, Same way click bait is used. When the video content doest match with the thumbnail and the youtube thumbnail have been made just to attract viewers and fool them in the name if providing that content; this is known as click-bait thumbnail. Half of the youtube is filled with such click bait videos.

It is a trick to fool viewers and captivate thier curious mind to click the video. Just imagine an amazing poster but awful movie print or storyline; this situation is called baited. It might increase the views of your youtube videos for short term. But for it won’t be useful as viewers and subscribers will easily get to know easily about repetitive baits you’re putting for them.

Tips to increase CTR through this amazing formula. 

Everyone wants to grow thier youtube by any means. The best organic way to grow a youtube account is thumbnails. Always make your own thumbnail instead of Youtube generated thumbnails.

Thumbnails should be attractive and supports the video content in which it is added. Thumbnails are the best way to get high ctr because viewers get to know about a video from it’s thumbnails. A thumbnail should express the content inside video. If a video is about tutorial then proper fonts and background should be used to edit images.

To edit images for youtube thumbnails use canva or picsart app. Canva have inbuilt size of Youtube thumbnails which is 1280×720 pixels. There are many templates on youtube thumbnail which you can download from canva app.

Do click-baits really work? 

Yes, click bait works for everyone. But it can’t work forever. If you want a quick boost to your video or channel then you can click bait your thumbnail. But click baiting on all videos will bring negative effect to the youtube channel. A bond of trust between a youtuber and it’s consumers can be made only when thumbnails are perfect and true to the content video.

How to make a high CTR thumbnail?

Youtube thumbnail downloader

Making high CTR thumbnail is not easy as you have to work on all sides. From editing to the written content all should be make high-end hd thumbnail. High quality images where human is used in thumbnail brings more trust compared to other types of thumbnails.

  • Put a persons face with exciting or shocking expression.
  • Use sans fonts or designed fonts in your thumbnail to express the information of your content so that it can be easily captivate the viewers to read it. Fonts should not be cursive or sans serif as they are unattractive to viewers.
  • Use colour texture according to the mood of thumbnail. For example black for any bold message, white for showing purity, red for showing anger, etc.
  • Add some emoji or illustrative icons to it and voila your high CTR thumbnail is ready. It takes 10 Mins to 3 hours to make an amazing high quality thumbnail.


Best CTR in youtube can be achieved through high definition and highly creative thumbnail which give birth to curiosity inside the brain if a person. There are many ways to get good CTR some use click baits but the best way is a creative thumbnail which can convert random viewers to your loyal followers.

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